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A root canal is needed when decay or trauma has penetrated the innermost portion of your tooth. This part of your tooth holds the pulp, tissue, and nerves that keep your tooth healthy and alive. When cavities or periodontal infection break through to this chamber, the first thing you’ll likely notice is persistent pain.


At this point, a root canal is the only treatment option we have left to provide you with relief. Without a root canal, the tooth will need to be extracted or the pain will just continue and worsen.

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Even though we understand that root canals aren’t something to be feared, we realize you may still be dealing with anxiety for any number of reasons. Our team is completely sensitive to your concerns and will do everything possible to put you at ease.


If you feel like you need some help relaxing, just let us know. We offer a mild form of sedation that will help you feel calm, drowsy, and detached from what’s happening around you.  For your complete comfort and safety, your condition will be monitored continuously throughout your procedure.

How Can You Help with My Anxiety?

There really isn’t much to worry about with a root canal. Lots of people make the mistake of confusing the pain (a symptom of the problem) with the actual procedure itself. The truth is that as soon as we numb the area, you will experience immediate relief. Root canal procedures don’t cause pain – they relieve it! During the procedure, the doctor will use specially designed instruments to carefully remove all signs of infection, then cleanse and seal the tooth. In most cases, we recommend a dental crown following root canal treatment to strengthen the tooth and protect it from further damage.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

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