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At our Tuscaloosa office, we prefer not to extract a tooth until we are sure that there are no other more conservative options available. But there are some situations where a tooth needs to be removed to preserve your overall oral health.

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If a tooth is damaged beyond repair due to damage or extensive decay, extraction may be the best solution for preserving your general oral health. Reasons tooth extraction may be necessary include:


  • Severe damage, decay, or gum disease that can’t be treated with a root canal

  • Impacted (partially erupted) wisdom teeth

  • A crack or fracture of a tooth below the gum line

  • In preparation for placement of full or partial dentures

  • In preparation for orthodontic treatment


Whatever the reason for your extraction, you can be sure that our caring and compassionate team will be with you every step of the way.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

We completely understand that an extraction can be intimidating for almost anyone. You have to deal with the process and the emotional impact of losing a tooth, not to mention a gap in your smile.


If extraction is necessary, we can do a lot to minimize these negative effects. Most importantly, we’re here to support you with care and compassion. Dr.Wright and Dr. Smith are skilled at performing efficient, comfortable extractions. In addition, we offer effective sedation options to help keep you calm and relaxed throughout your procedure.

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